The law office in Suzhou mainly focuses on disputes resolution i.e. litigation and arbitration, cross border investment, debt collection, contracts, etc. Suzhou is one of China’s foremost destinations for foreign investment, based on its relative proximity to Shanghai and comparatively low operating costs.

The municipal government has enacted various measures to encourage FDI in a number of manufacturing (e.g. pharmaceutical, electronic goods, automobile) and service (e.g. banking, logistics, research services) sectors. Included among these measures is a preferential tax policy for limited partnership venture capital enterprises in the Suzhou Industrial Park. All these policies bring lots of opportunities for legal industry.

The main practice areas in this region include:

  • Litigation and arbitration

  • International trade

  • Intellectual property

  • Foreign direct investment

  • Cross-border investment

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Criminal defense

  • Debt Recovery



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