Why a registered trademark in China is important to your business?


If you OEM products in China or import goods from China, you’d better to have the brand registered a trademark for your business, otherwise you may be in risk, as the products cannot be produced in or exported from China, and the mark owner may block all goods in the customs, your company may be deemed as the IP infringer who has to pay great fine to both customs and the mark rights owner.

Time is of essence for registering a trademark in China, as the Chinese government will not grant the other applicants' application for the same trademark, if the trademarks are already granted. However, you can still file objections to the new application if the newly applied marks are similar to yours.

Not sure if your trademark is registered successfully? Even not sure if other attempts to register your trademark? Then consider the powerful internet in China, by which you can do the trademark research by yourself by visiting the China Trademark Office official website: http://sbj.cnipa.gov.cn/sbcx/. As an alternative, you may hire a trademark lawyer to supervise the trademark status as well.



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