How to file ISF when export to US?

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How to file ISF when export to US market?

I. About ISF filing

ISF filings, also known as "10+2" filings, require U.S. importers (10 filings) and shipping companies (2 filings) to send electronic declaration data to U.S. Customs. 

2. How to file ISF?

The importer or the appointed forwarder need to report information to the US customs through AMS or ABI system, which main cover 10+2 items of information:

A. 2 items for the shipping company



B. 10 items for the importer

1).Manufacturer name and address

2).Seller name and address

3).Buyer name and address

4).Ship to name and address

5).Importer of record number

6).Consignee number

7).Country of origin of the goods

8).Harmonized Tariff Schedule No. 6 digit

9).Container stuffing location

10).Consolidator name and address

3. Legal liabilities for non-performance

ISF filings require U.S. importers to send electronic declaration data to U.S. Customs via AMS or ABI 24 hours before shipment, up from 24 hours before shipment. If you don't, US Customs has the right to recover the fine for a certain period of time, which can be as much as $5,000.



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