The law office in Beijing and lawyers in Beijing expertise in foreign investment, disputes resolution(litigation & arbitration) and intellectual property and has served international companies in foreign direct investment, debt collection, trademark registration and counterfeiters crackdown, recognition and enforcement of arbitration award and court judgement made by foreign countries, etc.

As the capital city of China, Beijing is a global city and one of the world’s leading centers for culture, diplomacy and politics, business and economics, education, language, and science and technology as well as the second-largest Chinese city by urban population after Shanghai and is the nation’s cultural, educational, and political center. Beijing is home to the headquarters of most of China’s largest state-owned companies and houses the largest number of Fortune Global 500 companies in the world, as well as the world’s four biggest financial institutions.

As always, Law Offices of LCY will continue to provide clients with cost-effective and professional legal service in Beijing.



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